Psychological/Psycho-Educational Fact Sheet

  • When is it best to test a child?  
  • What is the format of the evaluation?
  • Rating scales.
  • How long does an evaluation take?
  • How do I schedule the evaluation?
  • Should my child be on his/her medication for the evaluation?
  • Cost of the evaluation.
  • When is payment due? What type of payment is accepted?
  • Cost of school consultation following the evaluation.
  • Insurance Information. 

When is it best to test a child?  

Do to reliability of test scores, Dr. Blum prefers to test children after the age of 7; however, she will test a 6 year old in special circumstances.

If you are inquiring about testing a teen for standardized test accommodations, please go on the College Board website. It is important to keep in mind that the application for accommodations is at least six weeks prior to the test date and much earlier than the standard application. Furthermore, in order to obtain the extended time accommodation on standardized tests, your child must have already had extended time on school tests for some months in advance of the application on the standardized test. Therefore, testing is often done to first establish the school extended time prior to the standardized tests.

What is the format of the evaluation and how long does it take?

Most parents seek the comprehensive evaluation format. That format answers the question of whether or not your child/teen has specific reading, math, and/or written language weaknesses, learning disabilities or processing deficits, and/or executive function and working memory weaknesses. Additional questions can be asked to examine Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder as well as other more specific neurological and psychological challenges. A personality evaluation can be administered without the psycho-educational tests for a reduced fee. In the process of the evaluation, school and home behavior can also be evaluated. The goal is to generate recommendations regarding ways to help your child/teen through school and classroom accommodations in learning, test accommodations, behavioral, medical and psychological recommendations.

Rating scales and communication with others who know your child.

Dr. Blum will request that you complete the Conners Comprehensive Behavior Rating Scale. She would also request that you send the following email to the core academic teachers to ask them to also complete the Conners Scale. 

This should be done at least two weeks prior to the end of the testing.

Please keep in mind that this is a paperless scale. Each teacher receives his or her own link that cannot be shared by another teacher. Please copy Bonnie on the following email to teachers so that she will have their email addresses and can send the link to the rating scale to each teacher.

"Dear teachers, I give my consent for Dr. Lynne Michael Blum to request that you complete an online rating scale for ---(your child/teen’s name) for the purpose of a psychological and psycho-educational assessment. Dr. Blum will email you the link to the scale. Your input is very important, so thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the scale." (Your name)

The scale is specifically for teachers. Dr. Blum will request that you sign a release of information at the parent intake session so she can email/talk to other important informants such as school administrators, therapist, and/or doctors. 

 How long does an evaluation take?

Most testing, with some exceptions, has the following schedule: a one hour parent intake meeting (parent only), 4 two-hour test sessions with your child/teen, and approximately 10 days later, a 1 ½ hour parent feedback session. Sometimes, we include the teen in the final sessions so s/he can learn about his/her learning strengths and challenges. The goal is to help him/her advocate for his/her needs. Every attempt will be made to have the written report ready at the final session.

It is best to perform at least two out of the four test sessions in the morning when children are most attentive. If your child cannot focus for two hours, then we can divide the testing into shorter increments of time. If more sessions are needed beyond 8 hours of testing, we will schedule these; the price of the evaluation remains the same. 

How do I schedule the evaluation?

Please contact Bonnie to schedule an evaluation. She can be reached at Her cell phone is 410-4097139. Please be prepared with your child/teen’s schedule and be aware that, unless you wish to schedule during a school holiday, your child will have to be tested during school hours. 

Should my child be on his/her medication for the evaluation?

Please discuss this with Dr. Blum prior to the evaluation. In most cases it would be best that your child is on his/her medicaton for the evaluation, at least 45 minutes before the evaluation begins.  

Cost of the evaluation?

The cost of the full evaluation is $2,500. Re-evaluation, in preperation for collage may require less time & fee. 

When is payment due? What type of payment is accepted?

Payment is due at the end of the evaluation, prior to receiving the report. Cash, Check or Credit Cards are accepted. 

Cost of school consultation following the evaluation?

Cost of a school meeting is $325. 

Insurance Information?

We are not a provider for any insurance company. Please check your insurance benefits. Dr. Blum will be glad to write a treatment plan or prior authorization, if required by your insurance company. At the end of our evaluation you will receive an insurance-ready invoice with all of the proper codes, indicating you have paid Dr. Blum.