Hello, Welcome to my practice in child and adolescent psychology where, for 43 years, I have been doing evaluations, therapy/counseling and school consultation.   

“Why isn’t Taylor working up to ability in school?  Why is s/he not paying attention, or making poor choices, or not motivated to complete work?”    Parents, doctors, and school staff often refer kids to me for testing.  My evaluations explore the reasons for this, involving neuropsychological as well as personality evaluations.  The goal is for actionable recommendations that you, your teachers, and your doctor can follow. To see what testing I do, tap on the “Frequently Asked Questions” tab above.

“My child can’t sleep.”  “Joe has been so down recently.” “Jesse is convinced she won’t get into college.” He’s so nervous, he forgets what he studied for the tests.” “Sarah has been failing in school since Grandma died.”  I also do cognitive behavioral therapy.  That means we choose goals and figure out how to meet those goals by thinking about and practicing new behaviors.  Although the child/teen is the focus, parents are usually involved as well.

Workshops: After practicing psychology for 43 years, I have accumulated quite a bit of information. I have also been teaching graduate students at Johns Hopkins University in Child Development.  My workshops have addressed requests by parent and faculty groups.  Topics have included, “Navigating Tween Years Development from 11 to 13”, “Helping Your ADHD Child and Teen”, “What You Should Expect from an ADHD Evaluation”, “How Teachers Can Build School Engagement with Students”,  and many more topics.       

Contact me

The West Quadrangle, in the Village of Cross Keys (Roland Park)

2 Hamill Rd. Suite 356 W., Baltimore, MD, 21210

Business phone and cell: 410-3713371

For appointments, please contact Bonnie 410-4097139

April, 2017